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Anonymous asked:

Do u know how demon!dean and other things with an explanation point like queer!sam got started? Like why the ! In the middle? Dumb question but just curious if its just a tumvlr trend or..

Tumblr trend, definitely, but it’s mainly a fangirls reaction.
That’s my opinion anyway.
Honestly like, i think the trend demon!dean perfectly expresses our reactions to the ending of season 9, we were all in shock, and the exclemation mark in the middle of the word shows just how impatient the fangirls (and me) could be when trying to express what we just saw, scream now, explain later.
So demon!dean as you might know, started due to this ending.
And as for queer!sam, look at this sass, just look at it!

(Hope that answers your question)

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